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With great new design features, the Scanstrut Helm Pod is a perfect choice for all cockpit configurations.

With options to fit radar displays, chartplotters and standard navigation instruments, the choice is yours!

 For displays and standard instruments:

  • Range fits 8" - 15" displays
  • Can accomodate 3 or 4 standard instruments (e.g. ST60)  
  • NEW Compact version now available.


  • Universal Helm Fixing
    Fits pedestal rails from 25mm to 33.7mm (0.98″ – 1.33″) diameter. Using a unique clamping system, the Deep Pod's can fit rail widths from 178mm (7”) upwards.*
  • Secure & Watertight Install
    Saddle system supports the stainless tubing enabling a secure and rigid fit onto any pedestal and also ensures a watertight seal at cable entry
  • No Drill Fixing Kit
    Customised U-bolts fit around rail and through the saddles into the back of the pod eliminating the need for time consuming and awkward drilling of the stainless rail. 
  • Hassle Free Install & Service
    Fixings fit from back to front cutting their threads into injection moulded ABS inserts designed into the Pod front. This design allows for a quick and safe install and repeat servicing.
  • Increased Protection
    Pod seal is manufactured from a high tear strength silicone, it has a very high resistance to heat and UV so you can have confidence that it won’t deteriorate over time.
  • Supplied Uncut
    As standard you will receive your Scanpod uncut. For larger orders, a factory cutting service is available.
  • Helm Pod for 4 x standard instruments/ 2 x standard instruments + 1 x 7" screen. 

* Please note that the 8" Compact Helm Pod fits from 6” to 8" centres, and the 12" Compact Helm Pod fits from 6” to 11" centres. This is a smaller range of pedestal rail widths than the Deep Helm Pod – please confirm on the technical information page, or call a Scanstrut representative if you are unsure. 


Do you have a twin helm yacht? Mounting on a low rail? If so check out our Flex-Mount System accessory.

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Use with: The Scanpod range

UV stable material, pull cord to tighten and adds a level of security.

Some answers to frequently asked questions...

F.A.Q.'s for Scanpod - Helm Pod

What are Scanpods made from?

Acrylic capped ABS plastic. This makes them tough, corrosion free and UV stable.

My pedestal has a centre to centre measurement of 10” – can I still install a Helm Pod?

The back of the Helm Pod is designed to fit 9.5” or 12” centre pedestals.

If your pedestal is a different measurement, you may be able to use our Flex Mount System to install the product. For more information visit

My screen in not listed in your Part Number search. Which Pod do I need?

Please refer to the 'technical specification' tab which will give you the information you require to see if your screen will fit.

If you are unsure or require further assistance, please contact Scanstrut.

How can I work if my combination of screens will all fit in a System Pod?

You can refer to the technical information to work out which electronics will fit into the System Pod.

As a guide, you can install 1 x 8” screen with 4 x instruments or 1 x 12” screen with 2 x instruments.

Will the new Raymarine wide screens fit into the Helm Pods?

Yes. Please refer to the ‘Find Your Part Number’ tab for your part number.

Do I have to cut the front myself?

Scanpods are supplied uncut as standard. However, we do stock a small number of pre-cut models. Please contact Scanstrut for further information.

TIPS ON CUTTING FRONTS – Watch a video to help you out with cutting your Pod front here

How does the unit cool – are there any vents?

We have conducted thermal testing at Raymarine, using their test facilities. We ran 12" and 15” Raymarine screens inside our 12" and 15” pods. They were heated up to 55°C at 5°C intervals where they ‘soaked’ at the temperature for an hour. There were no failures and the electronics continued to work.

Is it okay to drill vent holes in the Pod?

As the units are fully waterproof, there is no harm in drilling some vent holes. This will let any moisture and condensation out and let air circulate. I understand that quite a few electronics installers do this to all pods anyway.

I have a twin helm yacht, what installation would you advise for my chartplotter display?

Our Flex Mount Accessory is perfect for installations on twin helm yachts and saves you having to set up 2 displays at each Helm.

Refer to the following page for further information:

General F.A.Q.'s

I have some old electronics, how can I work out if they will fit your products?

If your electronics are not listed in our part number table, please contact Scanstrut as we may be able to assist with compatibility.

Where can I order this product?

Scanstrut products are available worldwide via our network of distributors.

Visit our ‘Where to Buy’ page to find your local dealer.

Can I see this product installed / on display anywhere?

Scanstrut products are displayed at various boat shows throughout the season. Click on 'News & Shows' to view the upcoming boat shows.

Alternatively, find your local dealer on our where to buy page and see if they have a store to visit.

I am upgrading my marine electronics, will I be able to use the same Scanstrut mount?

It all depends on the electronics you are using - please contact Scanstrut for further assistance.

What part no. do I require?

To find your part number, click on the ‘Find your Part Number’ tab.

How much does the product cost?

Pricing for Scanstrut products is available from our network of distributors.

Contact them directly for your local pricing.

I am from the press and I would like more information / pictures on your product.

Good news! Contact our marketing team and they will be happy to help.

Click on 'Contact Us' in the menu bar to send your message.

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