Deck Seal

Product Overview

For Waterproof Cable Routing 

The only guaranteed and proven watertight installation for your antenna and navlight cables.

The range provides waterproof cable routing and is produced in high impact plastic and 316 stainless steel with options for 16mm to 40mm connectors, making it ideal for almost every installation. 


  • Watertight installation
    Tapered bung forms watertight seal. All units are supplied with a closed-cell base seal - 100% waterproof. All models have been IPX6 and IPX7 tested and approved.
  • Easy and Reliable Installation
    Captive nuts make for easy assembly and also allow reliable repeat installations. Each unit supplied with both pre-drilled and blank inner seals to make your installation as easy as possible.
  • No need to remove cable connectors
    Split-seal option does not require connector removal during install
  • Multi-functional Dome shape
    Aesthetic dome-shaped profile provides a stronger, impact-resistant design (no sharp edges to hit your foot on!) and outer dome provides additional water shield. 
  • Your Choice of Materials
    30% Glass-filled Nylon - UV-stable, hard-wearing or 316 stainless version available
  • Multi Deck Seal
    Designed to fit multiple cables up to 15mm dia. Supplied with undrilled seal and made from marine grade aluminum with hard finish to resist impact marks.
  • NEW Horizontal Deck Seal
    Fit cables up to 6mm dia. An aesthetic dome-shaped profile provides a stronger, impact resistant design and captive nuts in the base make for an easy assembly.
  • NEW Micro Deck Seal
    Fit cables up to 6mm dia. Made from impact resistant glass-filled nylon, the compact seal compression system uses a single fastener for a simple installation.

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Dimension diagram



mm (inches)


mm (inches)


mm (inches)

mm (inches)

mm (inches)

 DS16 39 (1.53) 16 (0.63) 36.5 (1.44) 19 (0.75) 2-8 (0.08-0.31)
 DS21A 49 (1.93) 21 (0.83) 45.7 (1.8) 20.5 (0.81) 4-8 (0.17-0.31)
 DS21B 49 (1.93) 21 (0.83) 45.7 (1.8) 20.5 (0.81) 9-14 (0.35-0.55)
 DS30 59 (2.32) 30 (1.18) 56 (2.2) 20.5 (0.81) 9-14 (0.35-0.55)
 DS40 69 (2.72) 40 (1.57) 66 (2.6) 21.7 (0.85) 12-15 (0.4-0.59)

Please note: When ordering your Deck Seal, please specify -S for Stainless steel and -P for Plastic.

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Some answers to frequently asked questions...

F.A.Q.'s for Deck Seal

What is the best way to drill a blank seal?

Before drilling holes, freeze the blank seal in a freezer, this makes it very easy to accurately and neatly drill the hole.

For best fit around cables drill a hole Ø1-2mm larger than the cable diameter.

When drilling into a frozen blank seal this hole will look far too big but when the seal defrosts (!) it will be a good tight fit.

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I am upgrading my marine electronics, will I be able to use the same Scanstrut mount?

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