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Applies to Wireless, USB and Qi products

Can Hidden charger through any material?

Hidden can charge through any surface as long as it’s not metal and is pocket routed to leave only 3mm of material.

Can this charge my tablet?

The ROKK wireless range has been engineered to only charge phones, although there are a few wireless charging tablets on the market, 5W of power is not enough to fully charge a large screen device like a tablet.

Can it be installed using mains power?

The ROKK Wireless range is designed for 12/24V electrical systems, but we can supply transformers that enable them to be fitted to a mains supply. Because each country has its own Power specification please contact [email protected] for more information.

Will Active charge through my waterproof phone case?

Yes, Active will charge through any case under 3mm thick and without any metal in.

What makes ROKK charge + up to 3x faster than other USB sockets?

The PCB (printed circuit board) inside the ROKK Charge+ enables the device to recive similar charge as it would from a mains power charger.

Why is the Scanstrut charge range different to other so called "waterproof USB chargers" on the market?

Our range of USB chargers remains waterproof even when the socket is in use. Other USB chargers are only waterproof when not being used and the cover fitted.

Can I replace an old USB socket with a Scanstrut version?

In most case it’s an easy swap, just remove the old version and our USB barrels will fit into th existing hole and add self tapping screw/s where required.

Is Wireless Charging safe when the charger is wet?

Yes, the charge passing through the water into your phone is not dangerous to you or your phone.

Do I need to use the Rubber Grip Ring included in the packaging for the charger to work?

No, the grip ring is purely there as a marker or and grip for your phone. You can mark the surface yourselves or leave completely clean, it’s just easier to line up your phone with the central part of the charger with indicator on the charging surface.

What is Qi™ charging?

Qi™ is a wireless technology that uses inductive charging. The ROKK wireless range has been engineered to be Qi compatible. Qi has been adopted by Apple, Samsung and all other major phone brands.

Why is it not fast charging?

10W fast chargers do not charge the phone twice as quick as 5W, overall they are less efficient. The 10W charger will generate more heat, that combined with the outdoor environment, it’s likely to trigger your phones thermal cut out safety feature. We took the decision to use 5W technology that may deliver slightly slower charge, but allows your phone to continue to be used and receive charge outdoors.

Can I mount Active overhead?

Yes, you can mount Active in any orientation. 

Can I mount Edge overhead?

Yes, you can mount Edge inverted on any flat surface. 

Does Nest have to be installed into a vertical surface?

To ensure your phone stays over the charging coil and for water to self-drain it's recommended. However, you can install up to 5 degrees either side of vertical to achieve the same results.

Can this be mounted vertically?

it certainly can! 


My split backstay wire is ø6mm, do you do a head unit bush to accommodate this?

Nylon bushes are supplied for backstays from 7mm (0.2”) up to 14mm (0.6”). You will be able to use the 7mm bush for your 6mm dia. Backstay.

I require some replacement mast mount feet – is this possible?

You can order a replacement footpack for the product. The part no. is 15001 for all Mast Mounts excluding M92722 (Part no. 15001R).

Can I install onto a Carbon Mast? 

Speak to your rig manufacturer

Can I install onto a wooden mast?

Yes. However, you would not use the rivets as supplied with our Mast Mounts. Instead you would need to use wood screws... Or make a metal band to fit around the mast, attach this to the mast [screw] and then rivert to the metal plate.

What are Scanpods made from?

They are made from acrylic capped ABS plastic, which makes them tough, corrosion free and UV stable.

Do I have to cut the front myself?

Scanpods are supplied uncut as standard. However, for a small fee we can supply pre-cut for your electronic.

How do I cut the pod front?

Use jigsaw, but slow it right down so as not to melt the ABS.  Move slowly and patiently through the plastic.

How will the base fixing fit to my backstay chainplate?

Drill and tap the chainplate to accept the 2 x M8 fixings

I have a hydraulic backstay adjuster – will I still be able to install the product?

The product is supplied with backstay bushings which clamp around the backstay. These mean that you can still adjust the tension of your backstay without the Self Levelling product getting in the way. Max diameter for backstay adjuster unit is Ø60mm

Can this product be installed on a split backstay?

Option 1: If backstay split length is over 2.7m (8’10”) above the deck, install the mounting pole and head unit parallel to lower backstay

Option 2: If backstay split length is less that 2.7m (8’10”) above the deck, mount system centrally and attach head unit onto the central cable above split. Pole extensions available to raise antenna higher. If the the split backstay is ‘running rigging’ then can not be installed

Cable Seals

What's the best way to drill a blank bang?

Before drilling holes, freeze the blank seal in a freezer, this makes it very easy to accurately and neatly drill the hole. For best fit around cables drill a hole Ø1-2mm larger than the cable diameter.  When drilling into a frozen blank seal this hole will look far too big but when the seal defrosts, it will be a good tight fit.

Can this cable seal be installed below the waterline?

No, these seals are designed to be installed above the waterline.