Double horizontal entry cable seal 

For cables from 6-10mm (0.24”-0.39”) The DS-HD10 double horizontal cable seal was designed to eliminate
time-consuming and sub-standard routing of cables for rooftop lights and electronics. Our seal helps you achieve
a sleek, easy-to-fit, and 100% watertight installation every time. Perfect for solar panels, light bars, lights and other rooftop electronics.

Product Information

Our seal helps you achieve a sleek, easy-to-fit, and 100% watertight installation every time.
Perfect for routing two cables externally to internally on the roof of boats. Its low-profile design provides the best water ingress protection in class.

  • Designed for two cables.
  • IP68 watertight seal.
  • Install 2 cables – select any combination:
    • 6mm x 2
    • 7mm x 2
    • 8mm x 2
    • 9mm x 2
    • 10mm x 2
    • Blank x 2
  • Compact footprint - just 66.5mm (2.61”) W / 75.1mm (2.95”) L / 28.5 mm (1.12”) H.
  • Easy fit cable routing that cuts down your installation time through wood, metal, and GRP.
  • Black high impact plastic.
  • Includes 316 stainless steel fixings and a waterproof 3M gasket.
  • The low-profile construction is impact-resistant and provides extra protection from water.
  • Our materials have been selected to be UV- stable and hard-wearing.
  • No messy sealant on bungs.
Testing Mark

Our Testing Ethos

Our testing standard at Scanstrut is encapsulated by the acronym SCA, which stands for Safe, Certified, and Approved. With over 35 years of experience and expertise in designing products for outdoor use, we design our products to be able to thrive in the harshest of outdoor environments.

Before any product is released, it must pass through our rigorous testing program which involves assessments in electrical, mechanical, U.V., corrosion, thermal, and waterproof categories. To ensure the highest level of accuracy, testing is conducted both internally and by independent ISO accredited test houses.

Our commitment to quality has earned us the approval of renowned names such as Mercury Marine, Grady White Boats, Boston Whaler, Winnebago, Airstream and many more. To learn more about our testing program and certifications, please feel free to reach out to us.

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Corrosion Test

Corrosion Test

100-hours of a special formula salt spray that simulates accelerated marine environmental effects on the product.
FEA Analysis

FEA Analysis

Finite Element Analysis, simulates the behaviour of the design in virtual conditions to allow us to optimise the design before prototyping and physical testing.
Material Test

Material Test

Positive Material Identification (PMI) ensures consistent quality of 316 Stainless Steel and Aluminium products. This controls strength and environmental performance. 
Accelerated UV Material Test

Accelerated UV Material Test

We accelerate the effects of UV exposure to replicate our products usage in extreme tropical climates. We do this to ensure parts do not become brittle, discolour or fail over time. 


Confirms the exclusion of substances of very high concern in our products, with the aim of protecting human and animal health.
IP Test

IP Test

Water and dust protection under test laboratory conditions to international IP standards. We test between IPX4 (waterjet) and IP68 (submersion).