Waterproof On-Board Charging,

Whatever The Weather. 

The ultimate rapid charge waterproof USB charger with dual-socket connectivity that can charge devices up to 3x faster than standard USB sockets. Featuring an ultra-low profile, that’s perfect for any powerboat or RIB.

Product Information.

• Universal fit for any USB Type-A connector.
• Charge up to 2 devices at a time.
• Easy Install
• Click & Lock Lid

Waterproof Charging
• Output current 4.2A (total)
• IPX6 waterproof with the cover closed.
• Up to 3x faster than standard USB sockets.
• Waterproof with 1, 2 and even no cables plugged in.

Marine Ready
• Anti-corrosion coating on circuit board.
• UV resistant.
• 316 stainless hinge and spring.

Great Design
• Ultra low profile: only 29mm high, 94mm long.
• Anti-snag cover aligns cables when closed.
• Standard barrel size also fits existing USB sockets.

Frequently Asked Questions

What makes ROKK charge + up to 3x faster than other USB sockets?

The PCB (printed circuit board) inside the ROKK Charge+ enables the device to recive similar charge as it would from a mains power charger.

Why is the Scanstrut charge range different to other so called "waterproof USB chargers" on the market?

Our range of USB chargers remains waterproof even when the socket is in use. Other USB chargers are only waterproof when not being used and the cover fitted.

Can I replace an old USB socket with a Scanstrut version?

In most case it’s an easy swap, just remove the old version and our USB barrels will fit into th existing hole and add self tapping screw/s where required.