Environmental Policy

Scanstrut’s business depends on the marine and outdoor environment, it’s also where many of our employees enjoy spending their time. Together we understand the need to protect and enhance these and all other parts of the environment for future generations. Scanstrut manufacture and sell product worldwide through a range of partners, and looks to promote a sustainable approach to every part of its business.

Scanstrut’s ongoing objectives;

  • To comply fully and exceed where possible with all relevant legislation
  • To achieve sound environmental practices throughout our company
  • To design and build products with lifecycle in mind
  • To produce an annual Environmental Plan setting out our objectives, targets and planned actions
  • To minimize our waste and reduce our water and energy consumption where possible
  • To reduce, reuse, recycle the resources consumed by our business wherever practical
  • To invite our customers, suppliers and contractors to join in our efforts to protect the environment
  • To provide all employees with the training and resources required to meet our objectives
  • To make our environmental practices known to interested parties
  • To monitor and record our environmental impacts on a regular basis and compare our performance with our policies, objectives and targets