Scanstrut - Agriculture

Scanstrut is the international market leader in the design and manufacture of installation solutions for onboard electronics. We have been creating innovative products that withstand the harshest of elements since 1986. Our expertise has been recognized through many global industry awards.

As technology in Agriculture continues to expand, the growth of application-based products has followed. GPS, Yield data, weather systems or market information can all now be accessed on a handheld technology. The range of products from Scanstrut allows for easier access and use of these systems whilst on the move.

Technology in Agriculture

Technology is relatively new in the Agriculture industry, for generations farmers have relied on their knowledge and techniques to ensure their farms are well preserved and healthy. It is only in the last couple of years that farmers have begun to see the benefits of using mobile phones in their day-to-day life. Many now use mobile phones for a variety of things including keeping an eye on their stock and identifying pests, and also for comparing commodity prices while out on the farm.

Products for Agriculture