Outdoor Wireless Phone Chargers

Selected for Smart Cities Program

Wollongong Council NSW, Australia engaged Valen Energy to deploy Smart infrastructure as a part of their smart cities program, with intergraded wireless phone charging from Scanstrut that works with their 12V solar panel technology, they will be deploying more throughout the city's beach sides and surrounding suburbs to enhance the cities sustainable and tech-driven vision.

The city chose the Valen Energy Powerstack because of its unique and aesthetic presence, helping meet the cities sustainability goals and the added bonus of it being able to be deployed in under 30 minutes including our concrete free foundation, no trenching, no cabling and electricity supply making the Powerstack system highly cost-effective and saving enormous amounts of planning and time. 

Discover more about Valen Energy Powerstack - http://www.valenenergy.com/ 


Our 3-Step Approach for Developing Qi Technology for Outdoor Use:

- Low voltage 12V or 24V input power, which is most common in outdoor and outdoor mobile applications, mainly for safety and power efficiencies.

- Waterproofing encapsulation techniques, ensuring moisture will never penetrate into the charger and keep technology, phone and user safe.

- Tried and tested marine grade material selection, which can withstand the highest rating of UV and temperature fluctuation punishment over years of use

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