Our most compact vertical entry cable seal

For cables from 2-6mm (0.08"-0.24"), an aesthetic dome-shaped profile provides a stronger, impact-resistant design and captive nuts in the base make for an easy assembly.

Product Information.

Watertight Installation
Tapered bung forms a watertight seal. all units are supplied with a closed-cell base seal - 100% waterproof. All models have been IP68 tested and approved.

Easy and Reliable Installation
Captive nuts make for easy assembly and also allow reliable repeat installations. Each unit supplied with both pre-drilled and blank inner seals to make your installation as easy as possible.

Multi-Functional Dome Shape
The aesthetic dome-shaped profile provides a stronger, impact-resistant design (no sharp edges to hit your foot on!) and outer dome provides additional water shield.

Frequently Asked Questions

What's the best way to drill a blank bang?

Before drilling holes, freeze the blank seal in a freezer, this makes it very easy to accurately and neatly drill the hole. For best fit around cables drill a hole Ø1-2mm larger than the cable diameter.  When drilling into a frozen blank seal this hole will look far too big but when the seal defrosts, it will be a good tight fit.

Can this cable seal be installed below the waterline?

No, these seals are designed to be installed above the waterline.