Create a waterproof connection for multiple electrical cables

Our SB-8-5 Junction Box is perfect for installations if you need to create a waterproof connection for multiple electrical cables, suitable for areas such as lockers, Lazarette’s and Tender Bays.



Product Information.

Our heavy-duty junction box manufactured from marine grade polypropylene and with features 5 screw-down terminals. Additional SB-2G Cable seals required for IP67 installation.

Supplied with 5 modular terminal blocks.  Offering 5 terminations.

Depending on the number of terminations required the terminal blocks can be individually fitted or blocked together. 

Other boxes leave the terminal blocks floating inside, where the risk of a loose connection can occur.

Cables push fit into the terminals and are secured with a sprung leaf retention system that does not damage the wire.

The terminal can be removed for easy fitting of cables

Terminal securely clips into the base of the box.  

Supplied with self-tapping screws for installation.

Supplied with an installation bracket that allows quick and easy fit and removal for inspection etc.

Dimensions 85  x 85 x 50mm or 3.35 x 3.35 x 2 inches