Scanstrut ROKK Wireless - Nest & Catch win SAIL Magazine's 2022 Pittman Award in the Cruising category

We're very happy to announce that our ROKK Wireless - Nest & Catch have won SAIL Magazine's 2022 Pittman Award in the Cruising category. They were chosen by SAIL Magazine editors and product experts to be one of the most innovative sets of sailing products to come to market.

"It's a testament to our design team and our product development process that both of these products have won this coveted award," commented Grant Fox, Scanstrut Marketing Manager.

The two award-winning products are grouped into the "Store & Charge" category of the wider IPX6 waterproof 12/24V Qi-certified phone waterproof wireless charging range from Scanstrut, these products enables charging for the outdoor environment, without the need for phone charging cables. Designed from the ground up, this is the world’s first waterproof wireless charging system created specifically for use onboard, with the unique technology housed in an IPX6, fully encapsulated and sealed unit.

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"Catch is a simple open-faced charging pad, with a non-skid charging surface and fiddles all around to help hold your phone in place. A sister product, the ROKK Wireless Nest, is even more secure—a little charging cave, if you will, that you can install in a bulkhead or pedestal. It is designed to drain properly and more fully contains your precious slab ‘o glass than a mere charging surface. Both products can withstand blasts of fresh or saltwater and can plug into both 12- and 24-volt electrical systems. Both also feature something called “Intelligent Foreign Object Detection,” which allows them to distinguish between your phone and any other items you might accidentally drop into them, so you needn’t worry about wasting power charging up your wallet or car keys." commented Charles J. Doane, Pittman Award Judge.

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