Scanstrut recognised as one the of the strongest suppliers in the industry by customers for outstanding supply throughout pandemic.

With marine OEM and aftermarket demand showing unprecedented growth over the last 18 months, Scanstrut has received overwhelmingly positive feedback from its global customer base

With volume increases coming thick and fast across its network of boat builder and distribution customers, the company has consistently met and satisfied product requirements and deadlines for all its customers.

The key to success during the pandemic has been the company’s manufacturing and logistics flexibility and nimble approach. Meeting the demands of rapid, often unpredictable growth comes down to Scanstrut’s global team of design engineers, quality, manufacturing, and logistics leads, who have refined and at times totally restructured their tactics to continually ensure the customer comes first, no matter what the obstacle.

“Throughout a very challenging 18 months, our US and UK teams have shown resilience and dedication in working toward our goal of long-term customer satisfaction, ensuring they can get the parts they need from us, in full and on time.” Tom Reed, Scanstrut CEO. Reed adds “ we have overcome supply chain shortages and some epic shipping nightmares to get our products to the factories on time.”

During this period Scanstrut has partnered with a number of new OEM business. Starting a supply relationship mid-pandemic was always going to be challenging but the company has always focussed on building relationships for the long term and made the decision to deliver on time, whatever the cost.

“The extra cost of airfreight to meet delivery deadlines for existing and new partners was never once passed onto the customer and always at the expense of Scanstrut” Gareth James, Scanstrut Operations Manager.

Jack Smith materials purchasing Tige Boats continues:

“Scanstrut has been a great partner throughout the Pandemic months. Things went from feast to famine to turbo speed within a short period and they never missed a lick and have kept up as we’ve increased several boats/day over pre-pandemic numbers.  They’ve consistently delivered on time and there have been no parts shortages that delayed shipments to Tige

An approach of regular and open communication with customers has been highlighted by many as the influence to their success in recent months. “Scanstrut has proven to be one of the strongest suppliers in this Industry” Julia Bradley, Barletta Boats. Bradley added “Scanstrut has been a great new supplier for us in 2021. In these challenging times with getting the product, communication is one of the main keys to be able to be successful in the end. We have always had those open lines of communication with Scanstrut on any questions or concerns we have had.” 

Equally, positive feedback has come from the company’s online resellers. Alex Lyons at Defender Marine comments: “Scanstrut has become a valuable partner to Defender, consistently delivering innovative and quality products that make boating more user friendly and enjoyable. 

Scanstrut will be attending the IBEX and METS exhibitions and looks forward to planning a successful 2022 and 2023 with its valued customers, existing and new.

With operations based in both the USA and UK, Scanstrut is an independent and highly innovative company that is respected globally for the quality of its products. During its 36-year history, Scanstrut has delivered several “world’s firsts”, won numerous design and product awards, and a Queen’s Award for International Trade.

Every innovation is originated and delivered from concept to production entirely by an in-house design and engineering team and is trusted by global customers to deliver high-performance products for the toughest of marine, off-road and industrial environments.