Tula's Tech Talk

After living on the water for the past 6+ years we have come to identify a few pains when talking about cell phone and other electronic devices. Mounting, charging, and keeping them lasting long are the main source of these pains and this Scanstrut wireless phone charger seems to address all of them

Who is Tula?

Billy, Sierra, and Jetty here and we live on a BOAT! We have sailed up and down the east coast, all of the Bahamas and through the Caribbean. We started this boat life on a small monohull sailboat (Tula) and then moved onto an old trawler (Neverland). We now live on a sailing catamaran named Adrenaline. In order to be able to live this life, we buy boats that need A LOT of boat work and fix them up ourselves. We make these videos so you can experience the work and FUN with us. We hope to inspire, educate, and entertain you along the way. Follow along to see where we go next!

Follow their journey here https://www.youtube.com/c/Tulasendlesssummer