Dock. Charge. Connect.

Active securely holds and wirelessly charges your phone even in the toughest conditions. Now you can keep your phone in reach, fully charged and ready to go

Product Information.

The IPX6 waterproof 12/24V Qi certified waterproof wireless charging range enables wireless charging for the outdoor environment, without the need for phone charging cables. Designed from the ground up, this is the world’s first waterproof wireless charge system created specifically for use onboard, with the unique technology is housed in an IPX6, fully encapsulated and sealed unit.

Perfect for boat consoles or any vehicle working outside in the elements, the simple one-handed operation allows you to easily dock your phone and instantly start charging. No connection needed.

The high-grip, self-aligning jaws ensure your phone is held tightly and in the optimum charging position every time.

Featuring Qi-certified wireless charging technology and a “Smart” LED that indicates when your phone is charging. Throw in foreign object detection and thermal cut-off and you’re guaranteed safe, reliable charging in all environments.

Compatible with wireless charging enabled phones of all sizes from all major brands including Samsung, Apple and many more. Charging is also possible through non-metallic, waterproof cases.


ROKK Wireless Active has been subjected to our harshest environmental, vibration, impact and on-water testing programs. This is combined with our world-renowned expertise in waterproofing technologies, UV stabilization techniques and premium grade materials to ensure Active is the best and only choice to make when it comes to mounting and wirelessly charging your phone outdoors.


Installation is simple on any boat, RV, ATV or outdoor location. Four screws secure the unit onto any flat surface with a simple installation guide and drilling template. A waterproof cable pass-through completes the IPX6 sealed installation. The charger is easy to clean and can be washed down with fresh water.

Our Customers Say

Motor Boat & Yachting July 21, 2021

"Many of us have dreamed of a mobile phone charger for boats that's compatible with both Apple and Samsung products and many other brands too. And now there is one. In fact, in a consumer sector seemingly unable to agree on a universal charging port, we think the Scanstrut ROKK Wireless Active provides a refreshing breath of fresh air!"

Billy from Tula's Endless Summer

"After living on the water for the past 6+ years we have come to identify a few pains when talking about cell phone and other electronic devices. Mounting, charging, and keeping them lasting long are the main source of these pains and this Scanstrut wireless phone charger seems to address all of them"

Erik R Wiborg, Manufacturing Engineer Regulator Marine, Inc.

“What can I say other then what a great product! Very easy to install and the one-handed docking operation is so easy to use. Now our customers can keep their phones charged while having easy access to their phone all the time. I can’t wait to see what Scanstrut comes up with next!”

Peter Bosma, QC Engineer, Tigé Boats

"We decided to offer the ROKK Wireless charger because it’s easy to use, the mechanism keeps the phone perfectly centred, and the charger works through a wide variety of phone cases. On top of that, the charger fits well into the overall layout of our dash, and the design blends in well with the rest of our components."

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